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Scoring:   • Survivor Pool for all pro games. Participants will be eliminated with an incorrect pick.
• Players who do not make picks, will receive 0 points for the week.
Deadline:   • All Games will lock one hour before the start of the week's first game. If a member does not make their selections prior to this deadline, the entire pool will be locked and they would receive the designated minimum score for that week. Please Note - All selections by pool members will be displayed in the view all picks area once this lock occurs.
Finances:   • $25.00 entry fee.

Constitution:   The S.F.L (Suicide Football League) has a very simple concept. Each member has to choose one winner per week. Each member can only choose a team once. The same team may not be chosen again. When a member chooses a team and they lose, or the member runs out out of teams to choose, ie. playoffs, then that member is eliminated.

The object of the game is to stay alive as long as possible. The winner is the member(s) who lasts the longest. The winner gets the pot. If more than one member makes it to the end or the last remaining members are eliminated in the same week, then they split the pot.

Deadline for weekly picks. The deadline for the weekly picks is Thursday at Noon. If there is a Thursday game, the deadline is Wednesday at Noon. If a member fails to make their pick in time, then they are automatically eliminated from the game. No margin of error here.

Membership fees are $25.

Each member may buy in more than once.

Prizes will be distributed at the end of the complete NFL season.

Refer to the Terms of Use for more information